This styled shoot guide is so much more than you could ever expect. It pushes you to develop an incredible mindset before your shoot, how to create vendor connections + getting featured and so much more! Danielle went above and beyond for this educational guide to not only teach you how to put together the styled shoot of your dreams, but how to grow as a photographer and utilize this shoot to sky rocket your business!!! All the bonus add ons are also just truly unreal. Danielle, you're incredible and I'm so inspired to put together my next styled shoot!!"

dawn jarvis, dawn photo

"this guide is so helpful!!!

I've only planned one styled shoot on my own, and am thinking about planning another when I got a hold of this guide. There are a lot of things I hadn't considered and can definitely see how my first styled shoot could have benefited if I had had this guide sooner! I will definitely be taking some pointers from Danielle's guide moving forward with any styled shoots or even collaborative work I may do in the future. Thank you for making such an amazing resource for photographers who are looking to be creative, and also giving us those added bonuses and tools!"

courtney, courtney marie imaging

"These templates are amazing!

"I received the templates and omg I only played around with them for two seconds and I love them so much!!! I’ve watched so many tutorials on how to create them and it took so much time that I never got around to completing my own templates. These are amazing!! Thank you!!"

aliza, aliza dworkind photography