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I truly believe that we all do better when we support one another. I struggled to find help, mentors, courses, or any educational content when I was starting out - and it not only felt hard, it was just lonely.

The main reason I started offering mentorships four years ago is because I wanted to be able to show up for people who were in that same spot I was - passionate and willing to learn, but a little bit lost. Now, a decade after I first started, I offer a variety of mentorship options for whatever stage of your journey you're currently in.

Need some help with navigating soul-led marketing? Done.
Need some face time to just ask alllll your questions? I gotchu.
Want to meet up in person for a gorgeous, adventurous styled shoot and then sit down together with coffee and laptops? Let's go.

I'm ready to help you bust through whatever limiting beliefs are holding you back, give you the strategy you're craving, and hand over the keys to everything you need to succeed. 

mentorships for wedding + elopement photographers

As your photography mentor, I help you hone in on why you're running your own business, why you're dreaming of more, and what limiting beliefs are holding you back. This entrepreneur life can be lonely, frustrating, and often, just NOT fun - but we're going to change that.

I'm not the mentor or coach for everyone, and that's ok. When you can put your absolute trust in me, I'm at my most creative and able to make sure you're comfortable, that we create an amazing and intuitive strategy that works for your business, and - most importantly - that you have fun. 

my approach

This session is for you if you're ready to level up your business and need help with next steps. SEO combined with blogging is the best way to find your ideal clients through Google and Pinterest - and the best part is, it's not nearly as hard as you think! I'll walk you through a customized strategy and give you everything you need to get fully booked with your dream clients.

If you're inconsistent with your marketing (or your strategy is non-existent), then this is an opportunity for us to change that! I'll give you a TON of easy to implement ideas, as well as a strategy that works for your strengths, interests, time limitations, and what you actually enjoy doing. You'll walk away with tangible steps to reach your target market and those dream inquiries!

We'll cover anything and everything in this session! I'll create a session game plan for our call based on your quiz responses, and we'll spend the entirety of the call going back and forth while I answer all of your questions. I'll send you a recap afterward, as well as mini-strategies for the different talking points so you don't feel lost. 

we're a good fit if

you're a good human who values treating others well

you dream of crafting a business with intention and purpose

you recognize the value in connection, in storytelling, and in being yourself

you appreciate the moments within and throughout the larger experience

you're ready to just absolutely fucking crush it - while having a great time

An in-person photography mentorship is a great opportunity to not only get alllll your questions answered, but also do a live styled shoot! Essentially, this is the equivalent to one of my 1-day workshops, but 1-on-1 and completely tailored to YOU and what you want to learn! 

What's Included:

Half day workshop-style chat + Live styled shoot (you choose the genre)
Business questionnaire
Direction while shooting
Access to creative basket (prisms, cellophane + more!)
Personalized PDF workbook
Headshots (raws)
BTS for reels, IG or website
Voxer/ text messages to ask me questions afterward

If you're happy with your portfolio and creative direction and want to cover more back-end topics, this is a great option. We'll meet up at a coffee shop (treats are on me!) and go over anything and everything you want to talk about. 

What's Included:

Half day workshop-style chat
Business questionnaire
Personalized PDF workbook
Voxer/ text messages to ask me questions afterward


"I don't even know where to begin with this goddess of a human! I can honestly say without a doubt I wouldn't be where I am today without Danielle. She selflessly offered her wisdom, insight, and ideas that I would have never even thought of."

Hanna, Hanna Wilson Photography


I walked away from our sessions feeling like I gained so much knowledge to help my business grow, but also like I gained a real life friend who I love so so much. So if you're ready to actually live your best life, do yourself a favor and work with her!"

Steph, Steph Pickard Photo

10/10 recommend Danielle!!

Let me tell you how amazing my mentor session was! Danielle has such a perfect workflow in place which made the entire process so seamless. She made me feel super comfortable the entire time and had such great advice! Once the session was over, she sent over an entire PDF summarizing our call, including tips and tricks- which was amazing! Not only did she go above and beyond during our session, but she continues to be there for me whenever I have a quick question! 

aliza, aliza dworkind photography

After checking out my website, fill out the contact form. This is where I get a sense of what you're dreaming of and what's important to you, so give me as much detail as possible! 

how this works

Fill out the contact form

Schedule your call

Let's do this! 

We chat!

I'll send you over a contract to sign, as well as a link to book your mentorship! 

Once your contract is signed and retainer is paid, your date is locked in!

We get to meet (either virtually or in person!) and talk about allllll the things - I hold nothing back and will give you all the info you need to succeed!





After you book, I'll send you a fun Biz Quiz which I'll use to guide my process when I create your custom workbook full of tips and strategies to implement after our call. 

Quiz & planning


Go kick ass ;)

After our session, I'll send over your customized workbook to follow while you work on our action steps. I'll also be available for 2 weeks following our session via a messaging app if you need help!








Mont-tremblant, QC

Prince edward county, ON
Toronto, ON

North bay, ON

Dublin, Ireland

Amalfi Coast, Italy

MOnt-tremblant, qc

2023 Travel

If you're interested in an in person mentorship, I can travel to you, or you can meet me in a location I'll be traveling to! 

I'm based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I love to travel and am available worldwide!

I strive to be very organized but casual - I like to have my shit together hahha but also like to have fun during our sessions! We'll spend a lot of time planning our in-person shoots together, and I'll send you a fun quiz to fill in before both virtual and in person mentor sessions. 

I'm able to connect with what makes sense to you when I can get to know you a little bit better. 

Yes! I love to travel, and am available for all listed travel dates above - so if I'm coming to your area, we can definitely plan a session! If you don't see dates or locations listed that align with where you are, definitely still reach out and we can figure out the logistics! 

After you reach out, via the contact form, I'll send over my calendar so you can book your session! Then I'll send your contract and invoice, where you can do split payments by e-transfer or credit card. Then we continue with the planning!

Don't stress! I'll send over a quiz, a brief questionnaire, and then we start off the call or session by talking about what your goals are and you future vision. Anything you need to prep, I'll give you enough time to get ready before our scheduled call!

I'm available to help you for a 2 week period via a messaging app - so you can send me videos, screenshots, texts or voice messages - and I can answer any follow up questions you have! 

HST (Ontario sales tax) is included in all of my sessions.

Nope! All you have to do is let me know what your dream client looks like and what you'd like to book more of. Then I run wild with it and plan a super fun styled shoot for us! You'll get incredible portfolio images, as well as shoot alongside me so you can see how I interact, shoot, and you can also ask questions!

let's build your 

dream business